About Game On

Before 2012, avid sports and racing fans faced a real dilemma, wondering where to watch their favourite teams in action if it wasn’t free to air.

Should they venture out, in the hope that they could find a pub nearby that would be showing the match? It was a decision that every sports enthusiast grappled with at one point or another.

But Game On changed the game and has helped make it easier to connect sports fans with live sports in their local venues.

Why settle for watching the game in the solitude of your living room when you can be part of something bigger?

As you watch the game unfold on the big screen, the cheers and groans of your fellow fans become your soundtrack. The atmosphere is electric, and you can't help but be swept away by the intensity of the moment.

Game On ensures that you can savour every moment with like-minded fans, in a lively atmosphere that crackles with excitement.

With Game On, every seat is the best seat in the house.

What is Game On Live Sports

Finding a Venue

No more second-guessing if your favourite sports bar or pub would be showing the match or race.

With a few clicks, Game On works its magic, giving you a detailed list of pubs and sports bars where you can catch AFL, NRL, boxing, soccer, cricket, UFC, horse racing and any LIVE sports action.

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What is Game On Live Sports

Live Schedule

As Australia’s ultimate live sports guide, new live sports bars are added daily. If it is broadcast in Australia, you can find it on Game On. Every sport and racing event, every channel, every game – all there for you to discover.

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